DAEYEONG Ubitec Co., Ltd. (hearandafter “DY”) was established in March 1988, as a professional engineering company in Korea. Since then, we have been contributing an important part in ICT infrastructure building in and outside of the country by providing our clients with top quality engineering consulting services namely Planning, Feasibility Study, Design, Analysis, Supervision of ICT projects.


Especially, in the global business sector, DY provides ODA consulting Services, maintaining a healthy relationship with government agencies in developing countries. Accordingly, DY has the advantage in International Procurement Consulting Service, which includes Engineering Design, Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation, Implementation Supervision and Post-Evaluation.


DY is on its way to becoming the world’s leading firm in ICT field. We will keep striving to provide quality expert services and to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Company Profile

Name of Company
DAEYEONG Ubitec Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office : 1103, 11F, DaeRyungPost Tower 2nd , 306, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea (08378)
  • Branch Office : 4~5F Cheonglim BD, 1522, Sungnamdae-ro, Sujung-gu, Sungnam-si, Korea (13113)
Country of Origin
  • Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Kim, Kyung Tack

Head Office
  • TEL. +82-70-7432-3000
  • FAX. +82-2-2633-5839
Established Date
  • March 3, 1988

Organization Chart

Company History



Jun : Certificate of Female friendly company by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family



Jan : Certificate of global procurement company (P500 Project Certificate, KOTRA/KEXIM)


Jun : Awarded a Commendation from Bangladesh Computer Council (BanglaGovNet Project)

Mar : Awarded a Commendation from Korean intellectual property office


Jan : Awarded a Commendation from NIA (National Information Society Agency)


Apr : Awarded Order of Science and Technology Merit


Jul : Awarded a Commendation by Public Procurement Service


May : Awarded ADB's T/A Project

Dec : Awarded a Certificate of Seoul Metropolitan Government


Jun : Awarded a Award of Honour by Mongolia Ulaanbaatar City

Oct : Renewed ISO 9001 (Quality Mgmt. System) & ISO 14001 (Environmental Mgmt. System)

Dec : Awarded a Certificate Appreciation by Communication and Information Technology Ministry of Indonesia



Oct : Registered as an overseas construction Business provider for engineering


Apr : Awarded a Commendation by Prime Minister

Oct : Awarded a Presidential Commendation


May : Changed the company name to Daeyeong Ubitec Co., Ltd


Jun : Achieved a Venture Business Certificate Obtained Certificates of INNO-BIZ and MAIN-BIZ


Mar : Awarded a Presidential Commendation

May : Registered as overseas construction Business provider for development and ICT


Mar : Awarded a Ministerial Commendation by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation


Sep : Established the corporate R&D center


May : Registered as an ICT construction business provider (Reg. No. 111069)



Jul : Registered as an engineering business provider



Sep : 1st Overseas project (Bangladesh)


Mar : Established Daeyeong Telecommunication Engineering Co., Ltd

Services - Consulting, Engineering, Construction

Feasibility Study & Master Plan


Feasibility Study

  • Feasibility Study on New Technology Introduction in terms of Technical, Political, Environmental, Financial, Economic Factors
  • Diagnosing Study for Rehabilitation Project of Facilities
  • Formulation of Public Sector Project financed by EDCF or Project Preparation Assistance

Feasibility Study & Master Plan

  • Master Plan (Mid · Long Term) for e-Government, Traffic Management, Urban Development, etc.
  • ISP(Information Strategic Planning)



Basic Design

  • Demand Forecasting            
  • Understanding of Precedents
  • Specifying Major Equipment
  • Preliminary Construction Cost Estimation & Project Scheduling

Detail Design

  • Review of Basic Design
  • Determination of Major Equipment’s Specification
  • Preparation of Construction Drawing
  • Calculation of BoM / BoQ
  • Preparation of Construction Standard & Procedure
  • HSE requirement & Implementation Scheduling

ODA Consulting


ODA Procurement Consulting (EDCF, WB, ADB, AfDB, IDB)

  • Technical Assistance for ICT projects
  • Basic Design and Preparation of Bidding Document
  • Calculation of BoM / BoQ , Project Cost Estimation
  • Evaluation & Contract Support
  • Inspection / Supervision on Project Implementation

Project Management Consulting (KOICA)

  • Expert Dispatch for ICT Project Management
  • Site Survey and Master Planning
  • Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Support on the Selection of Contractor, Supplier, Supervisor
  • Management of Training and Study Tour for Government Officers of Partner Countries




  • Supervision on EPC type ICT Project
  • Project Management Consulting for ICT Project
  • Supervision of Information System
  • Supervision on ITS and Security Project
  • Supervision on e-Government System Installation Project




  • Construction of Information System
  • Construction of ICT Information Access Centers
  • Construction of Smart-City
  • Construction of Disaster Management System (NECIS)
  • Construction of Fiber Transmission Equipment
  • Construction of Intelligent Transportation System(ITS)

Business Areas

ICT Center / GIDC / DRC

  • Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC) and Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)
  • Information Access Centers(ICT Training Center, Internet Lounge, Seminar Room, etc.)
  • Center system transfer and reallocation
  • Consulting for ICT Center Operation


  • e-Government Master Plan (G2G, G2B, G2C, G2E)
  • Total Solution for e-Government (e-Procurement system, e-Document system, Integrated e-mail system, Government web portal, Groupware, etc.)
  • Government Backbone & Access Network
  • Education and Training of ICT for Public Officers

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

  • Establishment of Urban Transportation Improvement plan
  • Traffic Information Center & Field System for ITS
  • Supervision on Construction of SOC Projects (Tunnel, Train, Road, Airport, etc.)
  • Design for Transportation Management System (TMS), Bus Information System (BIS), etc.

Telecommunication Network

  • Wired & Wireless Telecom Network
  • Radio System Integration (TRS, LMR, M/W, V-SAT)
  • Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) and Conduit System
  • Wireless Broadband System (LTE WiMax)
  • National Backbone Network / National Defense Network


  • Establishment of Smart-City Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Supervision on Intelligent Building System (IBS)
  • Consulting for Info-Infra System
  • Development of Smart-City Unit System and Management Center (UMC) Solution

Surveillance / Public Security System

  • Emergency Management Information System and Integrated Operation & Command Center
  • CCTV Cameras for Residential and Public Districts
  • Fence Protection System and Border Surveillance System
  • GIS-based Information System